So Homesick!!!

I came across this group on Facebook called "You Know You're from Texas…." and they have all kinds of stuff on there.  I hate that group.  It makes me incredibly homesick.  For example, it was cold up here in Maryland and I hate cold weather.  It was nice and warm at home.  Now I'm sure they would love to be up here half frozen to death when it tops 100 degrees down there.  I miss my family and I miss my favorite foods.  I have to go to Outback Steakhouse for some Blue Bell.  No variation of flavors!


No Zaxbys and their incredibly delicious salads.


I know that my in-laws do their best to make their house feel like home and to make me feel like I'm family, but there's no place like home and nobody like my own family.

The new Roberson family up close.

©  Stephen D. Roberson, 2016